YUKON GOLD by William D. Blankenship


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Familiar gold-rush shenanigans full of gusto, guzzling, and silent-filmish desperados. Brian Bonnet, a Mountie who can pack down mucho booze and still come on high and wide as Duke Wayne, joins claims stakes with hard-talking lawyer Hannah Young, a lady with a nose for nuggets and a hankering for the good life in San Francisco. They hit it big outside of Dawson, but Brian has to spend time hunting down some killers who are robbing lone prospectors. It's the notorious Soapy Smith gang (outta real life), and when Brian and Hannah ship their dust down the Yukon on a steamboat, the gang hijacks the boat--with Brian in down-river pursuit. The story is chockablock with burning daylight, wild dogs, murders and corpses (a descriptive specialty of frontier prose), and details of gold-town life and the prospector mentality. Rousing authenticity, dialogue like morning air, and tall-on-the-bottle heroics.

Pub Date: June 23rd, 1977
Publisher: Dutton