HOW SCIENTISTS FIND OUT by William D Lotspeich
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A book about the Joys and demands that are a part of man's quest for truth, this presents a wealth of human interest stories from the sciences. Dr. Lotspeich has based this rarely sensitive account of scientific research on stories he told his own children and the writing captures the spark of real communication -- an adult simply and eagerly sharing his inspiration without pretense, but with excitement. The vocabulary employed is of the kind to grow on. It is vivid and rich in special words, always carefully explained. Dr. Lotspeich presents a humanistic philosophy of scientific investigation and develops his theme around the details of many well known and some of the lesser known experiments. (i.e., Darwin and evolution; Fleming and penicillin; Loewl and cardiac research). Stressing the importance of an aware, inquisitive and trained mind, the drama of chance and the elation of creative questioning, he projects this imaginative truth: that the beauty of an idea is more crucial than the observation and recording of the supporting facts. The short, unannotated bibliography is not suited to average readers in this age group, but this does not keep the book from being a fine one.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1965
Publisher: Little, Brown