TEENIE WEENIE DAYS by William Donahey


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Even the least imaginative of children enjoy miniature objects, and most children like the idea of miniature folk doing the sorts of things -- in microscopic form -- that grown-ups do. The ""Teenie Weenies"" won many friends, and this continuation of their adventures -- though it follows routine lines of imagination -- will add to their audience. The same characters are there, with the General exercising his authority over his people, with the Dunce getting into trouble in all sorts of ways -- falling through thin ice, tumbling into a cup of coffee at the big folk's house, etc. There are picnics, and mouse riding, and marketing, and getting firewood, etc. Flat, squarish book, with six full pages in color, six in line, and decorative sketches.

Pub Date: March 6th, 1944
Publisher: Whittlesey House