THE FIVE SISTERS: A Study of Child Psychology by William E. Blatz
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THE FIVE SISTERS: A Study of Child Psychology

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This is designed to supplement the report of August 15th (page 361) by approaching the book from an angle important in judging its market. It is not just another book about the quintuplets. Blatz is a leading child psychologist, but he is also a leader in the nursery school field, so has the right to speak with authority. This study of the quintuplets, made throughout their short lives, has as its chief value the analysis of the normal steps of child development, proved, or disproved, in each of the children. This gives the book tremendous value as a family measuring rod, particularly where there is the problem of twins, etc. From the psychologist's angle, it is the perfect proving ground for fact and theory.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1938
Publisher: Morrow