THE HELLER by William E. Henning


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The metamorphosis of a bobby soxer into a young matron, in the story of Anne Karlan, rowdy and unscrupulous, emotional and impulsive, selfish and unthinking, whose escapades land her out of High School and in disgrace at home. She dates more boys, acts wilder when her best beau has to marry the girl he had raped, makes a play for one of her mother's roomers. She takes jobs and leaves in a temper- or boredom. She elopes with Leonard, who plans to improve her- but gives up in face of her indifference. But it takes the death of the girl who had married her old beau-and her baby- to bring Anne to the realization that life is not all yelling and helling. And she begins to think the current High School crop are pretty silly...This avoids cheapness by its serious interest in a phase of adolescence, but for all its detailing of a youngster's contemporary background and growing up, the girl herself arouses little more than clinical interest.

Pub Date: July 7th, 1947
Publisher: Scribner