NARROW IS THE WAY by William E. Park


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As headmaster of the Northfield Schools, Dr. Park lives and works among young people. In this volume of addresses, sermons and chapel talks, he shows that he understands young people and talks a language that they can understand. The title derives from the opening address, an apologia for narrowminded-ness which would not see to be suited to the youthful mood, but which is one of the most arresting discourses in the book. Dr. Park hits people where they live -- as even the titles suggest: ""Triumph over Troubles, ""Controlling our Judgments,"" ""It's Hard to be Good"" ""Can Conscience be your Guide?"" There is an aptness of illustration and quotation, and freshness of approach to all problems. Consequently, ministers and other public speakers will find some new quivers for their bows. Dr. Park is a Protestant, but the emphasis is non-sectarian and non-theological.

Pub Date: Feb. 27th, 1945
Publisher: Macmillan