SHOOTING STAR: The Story of Tecumseh by William E. Wilson

SHOOTING STAR: The Story of Tecumseh

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I wish this had more of the spark of life, for Tecumseh has always been one of my favorite characters in history, and this somehow fails to make him alive. It shows him as the gallant hearted Indian leader, lover of freedom, of human dignity, rare among his people for his hatred of unnecessary cruelty, for his appreciation of the need of organization, for his statesmanship. This is the story of his tragic life, betrayed by his associates, even by his brother, the Prophet, by his white allies and his red. The brief romance which ended in his choosing his people is touched upon, but only retrospectively, as explanation of his leniency in certain directions, his harshness when his only sister chose otherwise. There's so much drama in the story that its telling could not be dull, but William Wilson has failed to bring to it what might be brought.

Pub Date: April 13th, 1942
Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart