PRIZE STORIES 1976: The O. Henry Awards by William--Ed. Abrahams

PRIZE STORIES 1976: The O. Henry Awards

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Abrahams provides a short introduction affirming the continuing good health of that most elusive form (now relying more and more on the first-person narrator) with a special tribute to Harold Brodkey who wins his second first prize in two years with ""His Son, In His Arms, In Light, Aloft."" Second prize corroborates our faith in John Sayles of Pride of the Bimbos and the third goes to Alice Adams for ""Roses, Rhododendron."" Many new names appear among others better established: Guy Davenport, Helen Hudson, William Goyen, Mark Helprin, Joyce Carol Oates and John Berryman. A new and special award for continuing achievement accompanies John Updike's ""Separating.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1976
Publisher: Doubleday