OH, SUCH FOOLISHNESS! by William--Ed. Cole


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Cole's own introductory ode to ""silliness, willy-nilliness, and dopey hillybilliness"" will have to catch you in the mood; but no doubt after you've gone through the entries by Shel Silverstein, Dennis Lee, and Spike Mulligan you'll be ready even for his ""horseplayziness."" Cole also throws in some silly bits by the likes of James Reeves, X. J. Kennedy, Mary Ann Hoberman, and a funny man named H. A. C. Evans, along with some anonymous epitaphs, autographs, and jump rope rhymes in the prevailing sprightly vein. De Paola's illustrations are appropriately loose and foolish, but no match for Ungerer's inspired foolery in Cole's previous nonsense collections. Nevertheless, the rhymes are good for a few dizzy moments.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1979
Publisher: Lippincott