PRIZE STORIES 1967 by William- Ed. & Intro. Abrahams


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Three or four years ago the editor of this annual indicated the fusion between the quality and quantity magazines in the selection of writers of taste' and talent, never more strongly sponsored here than in this year's collection. However, Mr. Abrahams indicates that the ""mammoth monthlies"" have ""reverted to type"" and indicts certain commercial factors as well as the ""passion for articles"" which has resulted in the death of the short story market. This accounts to some extent for the fact that of the sixteen stories here, ten come from the ""little magazines,"" and this year's first prize goes to Joyce Carol Oates for her shattering In the Region of Ice, second to Donald Barthelme, and the third to Jonathan Strong's first, Supperburger. Of the balance, only half are by contributors known to the well-read reader.

Pub Date: March 3rd, 1967
Publisher: Doubleday