THE BIBLE COMPANION by William- Ed. Neil


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The Bible as history, poetry, prophecy, biography demands a framework and background for proper understanding, so that one can disentangle the underlying message from its setting. To this and Dr. Neil has brought together complete articles by outstanding authorities, and reference data, alphabetically arranged for quick use. While there is inevitably some duplication and some divergence of opinion, the sum total is impressive, the accompanying illustrations (158 in black and white- 6 in color-of uneven reproduction values- plus 20 pages of maps) revealing. Opening chapters set the backgrounds of the world into which Christianity was introduced- the land of Palestine which gave it birth- and the steps by which the Bible as we know it came into being. This book-with Peter Bamm's The Kingdoms of Christ (see above)- should lead to a more intelligent approach to Bible study and to an understanding of the power and drive of Christianity.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill