ENJOYING IRELAND by William F. & Constance D. Kehoe


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A delightful guide to present-day Ireland. The first part covers in intelligent and lively fashion Irish character, customs, and foibles. Using amusing stories to illustrate general statements made about the Irish, the authors introduce the fascinating Irish ambience--the pub replete with Guinness Stout, the perennial Irish bachelor, the Irish disdain for efficiency, the Irish hospitality. Not completely uncritical, they give an honest assessment of such elements as Irish Catholicism, the Irish ""psychology of opposition,"" and Irish puritanism. The second part of the book is a practical guide to traveling in Ireland. It includes, aside from lists of restaurants and pubs and scores of travel tips, a guide to literary and archaeological Ireland, and to many little known curiosities such as the Mummies of St. Michan's and The Wonderful Barn. Enjoying Ireland is perhaps more practical where the tourist is concerned than The Remarkable Irish, more of an exercise in Irish hospitality than that also engaging book.

Page count: 872pp
Publisher: Devin-Adair