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DIRIGIBLE SCOUT by William F. Hallstead



Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1967
Publisher: McKay

When Ensign Wick Thatcher is assigned to that ""old gas bag,"" the Baltimore, he's angry and disappointed, but adapting the dirigible for use as an airborne aircraft carrier becomes a challenge and a commitment. Wick flies the Sparrowhawk plane designed for the project over the objections of Captain Jake Ackerman, a stubborn supporter of LTA (lighter than air) only. The HTA (heavier...) and LTA men learn to work together, surviving several exciting near- disasters through cooperation, but the climax establishes the superiority of the airplane over the big balloon--the Baltimore goes down in a storm, the Sparrowhawk radios in the rescue. Set in the 1930's, a virile, tightly written story with much fascinating detail on the mechanics and problems of the now-historical flying machine.