THE MAGIC DRUM by William F. P. Burton


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The Magic Drum is the first of the Congolese fables in this collection. The reader should try to envision a native group gathered around the village fire, their attention focused on the Luban bamfumu. For all of these fables have been taken directly from the repertoire of the old native storyteller. The ideals, fears and beliefs of African culture can be drawn from these fascinating tales by the sensitive reader who wishes to probe beneath story value. In addition to the animal stories, there are important lessons to be learned from The Children Who Could Do Without Their Elders, Three Unscrupulous Men, The Man Who Always Helped the Needy. At a time when world conditions demand a greater understanding of African culture, a source book of this kind can be invaluable. On a lighter level it is also entertaining.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1962
Publisher: Criterion