THE LUCIFER CELL by William Fennerton


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It has happened here, or at any rate in England, now known as the New Britain after a Chinese takeover: on the outside, there's talk of imminent invasion and liberation via America and Australia; on the inside--there's the Lucifer cell, dedicated to subversion. ""It's an uncertain profession being a fanatic,"" although Adam Brett doesn't doubt for a minute he's doing the right thing--in this case and at this time he plans to kill the Prime Minister. Before he's through he has had occasion to doubt--the attempt misfires when the wrong man is killed; he shoots an innocent member of the cell and is betrayed by still another; he has been attracted, to a degree, by a girl who helps him and is later captured by the Chinese, etc. On the whole, however, this stringent ideological thriller short circuits involvement: the characters are almost as anonymous as they must be to survive, and the impermanence of life and imperviousness to it in a regime such as this is austere.

Pub Date: Feb. 26th, 1967
Publisher: Atheneum