ASHES IN THE WILDERNESS by William G. Schofield


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The most important of the early Indian wars -- King Philip's War -- is the background for a story of survival of the new colonies. The main thread concerns Ben Church, called into action by growing resentment of the Indians, and his methods of dealing with colonists and Indians alike. To his side comes Christian Painter, wanting to marry Martins, whose Quaker parents disapprove of him. Church and Painter, through their efforts among neighbors, townsmen, assemblies help offset the growing terrorism of Philip's campaign. Church succeeds in getting the Narragansetts on his side, and finally the death of Philip removes the threat of annihilation. The balanced appraisal of Indian and Colony claims and the detailed record of Rhode Island action are based on Church's diary. This may result in some controversy concerning accepted historical interpretation. A better job of research than of fictionalization.

Pub Date: Sept. 14th, 1942
Publisher: Macrae Smith