THE DEER CRY by William G. Schofield


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The author of this novelized biography of St. Patrick is a distinguished American journalist who followed a chance visit to Ireland during the last war with a return for research into the facts and the folk lore, the few accepted writings and the so conflicting statistics of the missionary saint. Patrick is everybody's saint, Catholic or Protestant alike; pull a shamrock and receive a blessing; listen to the wee voices of the ""good people"" and stir an angel's song. Mr. Schofield has steeped himself in the entrancing folk ways of the old Eirinn, and his story is not only pleasant reading, but breathes the spirit of a stirring and glorious period in Irish history. The traditions of birth and beauty and goodness bound in the essential mystery of life are woven into the pattern of Patrick's intention -- the winning of Eirinn to Christianity. It is as often a tale of derring-do in a righteous cause as of the progress into sainthood of a strong, humble, poetical genius.

Publisher: Longmans, Green