DEAD WINTER by William G. Tapply


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A minor entry in Tapply's highly successful series about Brady Coyne, lawyer to greater Boston's rich and obscure. Brady's client is Reverend Desmond Winter, still hoping for the return of his wife, who ran away nearly 20 years ago. Now Winter's wayward son Marc is accused of killing his own wife Maggie, a former stripper. Even Tapply's admirers will expect cardboard suspects (the jealous husband of Marc's lover; "the local retard"; Maggie's mysterious, bald companion) and a meandering plot, and they won't be surprised when Brady interrupts his investigation (a second murder leads him to a young woman in Asheville who's trying to find her parents, and to a Vermont farmwife whose daughter was another runaway, before he sees the pattern behind the disappearances and realizes whose mother was whose) for fishing trips, badinage with the police, and reflections about life, love, and the Red Sox, The usual sexual interest, for once not gratuitous, is supplied by Marc's sister Kat, who keeps almost falling into bed with Brady before an unexpected confession leads to a surprisingly powerful conclusion. Not for sticklers for tight plotting, or for those who demand Brady Coyne full-strength, but still a fine entertainment with a sting in its tail.

Pub Date: May 12th, 1989
ISBN: 385-20711-4
Publisher: Delacorte
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