THE LAST OF THE CONQUERORS by William Gardner Smith


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Controversial to explosive story of a colored company that operated in B in 1946 -- and of the German acceptance of the Negroes that led to slimy means of them. Hayes Dawkins finds Berlin a top post, finds Ilse who loves him and is his girl, and when he is transferred to Negro-hating Mannheim area, she follows h ting resentment among the whites leads to a frame-up, in which Hayes and others to join, and Hayes to escape court martial eventually accepts a bribe to be r. The feeling of the lack of color bar amongst the Germans, the sense of belon among the enemy, the desire to stay there rather than return to their own coun background the prejudice-baited lives of the Negroes,-Hayes, Steven, the Pro Randy, etc., and make clear a racial democracy they do not know at home. Tou stuff in intense, subjective presentation.

Publisher: Farrar, Simon