THE BODY AT THIRTY: A Woman Doctor Talks to Women by

THE BODY AT THIRTY: A Woman Doctor Talks to Women

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One woman's companionable musings on being 30--with pertinent medical advice. Gluckin is an internist with a practice in the South, but her observations stem largely from seeing what had happened to her female classmates at their tenth college reunion, and from their medical questions to her. ""Our fourth decade is crucial,"" she concluded; ""it is the time we confront adulthood."" Yet to most women's health books, we are ""so much gynecological plumbing."" Beginning with ""Our Psyche,"" she complains about the programming of women into the ""cult of youth"" and into the new, impossible ideal of the all-competent career and family woman. Then it's on to ""Our Shape""--with the ""fervent hope that women will develop a sense of health rather than looks."" Here, Gluckin takes a look at the body and its systems (not ignoring wrinkles or cellulite), at sexuality, nutrition, minor complaints and anxieties. The discussions, if superficial, are apt and entertaining. (One gem: Cher ""decided there wasn't enough difference between her chest and waist, so she had her bottom rib removed to give her more taper."") Gluckin would disabuse us of all such nonsense--and though her simple, personable overview is no substitute for a comprehensive medical guide (like the Hongladarom Complete Book of Women's Health, p. 181), it could be a real comfort to 30-year-olds who wonder if anyone else has the same worries.

Pub Date: June 24th, 1982
Publisher: Evans