SCIENCE: USA by William Gilman


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This is a frank survey of Big Science in the U.S.A. Gilman would rather call it ""Corpulent Science,"" for he feels that the scientific establishment, swollen by billion dollar budgets, is in a state of decadence. Integrity and genuine creativity are being destroyed by an invasion of politicians, sycophants and incompetents of the bitch goddess. As one laboratory administrator puts it, ""It's research from 9 to 5, a $500 exemption for each in the family, plus $300 for the poodle."" Of greatest interest to the general reader is the first half of the book which gives the inside story of the new elite's power, prosperity and problems. The second half is a more routine survey of the different scientific fields and their significant research projects. Gilman appears to have an insider's view of the subject and has interviewed a large number of potentates in the governmental and scientific hierachy. He writes entertainingly with an interdisciplinary emphasis, avoiding both baby talk and obfuscating jargon. An important book that is bound to raise eyebrows in and out of scientific circles.

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1965
Publisher: Viking