LA: Son of the Mound Builders by William H. Bunce
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LA: Son of the Mound Builders

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A thrilling and unusually interesting story of a little known phase of Indian life long before the arrival of the Whites. Chula is a son of the Mound People who lived so peacefully and well in large fortified towns along the Tennessee River about twenty miles above Chattanooga. Their agricultural civilization was well advanced as shown by the remains of their pottery, use of copper, shell engraving and tombs which were stone graves covered with raised mounds. Because of his work the author knows his details to perfection and weaves his facts into a very exciting story. The Sun Medicine is stolen by a spy trader who turns out to be a leader of the fierce Algonquins from the North who are jealous of the Mound Dwellers. Chula's terrific expedition to warn other villages, his meeting and friendship with a Cherokee, their experiences with rattlers, buffalo and capture will completely absorb the young.

Pub Date: June 18th, 1942
Publisher: Dutton