THE UKRAINE: A Submerged Nation by William H. Chamberlin

THE UKRAINE: A Submerged Nation

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A brief biography of a little known country and a submerged people, the most numerous in Europe without a sovereign state form of organization, a people with a great love of liberty, but an incapacity for self-discipline which has led to a history of domination by others. The land -- its heroic age -- the steady decline in Ukranian autonomy; its culture -- which came to a head after the last war with strong nationalist sentiment, thwarted by the absorption into the U.S.S.R. The results of the Soviet regime; the ""political"" famine of 1932-33, of which public knowledge was denied by Soviet censorship. And the conclusion --that the Ukraine will again demand political freedom, not the Stalin one-party dictatorship which has brought them oppression and terrorism.....A useful book, if taken with a grain of salt, i.e., recognition of Chamberlin's known anti-Communist slant and knowledge of the complex part the Ukranians have played in seeking a sympathetic audience.

Pub Date: Nov. 28th, 1944
Publisher: Macmillan