CATCH ME: KILL ME by William H. Hallahan


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Not as good as The Ross Forgery (1973) although it starts off unusually and well when Boris Kotlikoff, expatriate Russian defector and ""conditional entrant"" in the US, is spirited away with the help of a drug injected in his basilic vein. Anyway two men, Ben Leaxy, counsel for our Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization, and Brewer, an ex-CIA agent who's a tough groin-kicker, divide the search for Kotlikoff. Ail goes well for Brewer and the reader with his findings that Kotlikoff is a diabetic and has spent $100,000 for a special kind of insulin. But when the action shifts to Rome, the viaggio is bumpy and almost as difficult to read as Cyrillic. The closing scene--Kotlikoff's literal last minute rescue from the 14th floor of the Embassy via a bosun's chaff, is one of those televisual special effects. Too jamcrammed for believability, but ready for just about anything or anyone who enjoys open-handed arm-twisting.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1977
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill