SIX BELLS OFF JAVA by William H. Jr. McDougall


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Somehow this misses the vital spark that would take it over the barrier of being just another war correspondent's story. As it stands, it seems pretty pedestrian, at times, a many times told tale, with few new angles- the story of a UP correspondent's escape from the Japanese. In Tokyo he was tipped off that there was going to be trouble so he went to Shanghai, and with the aid of the underground, got through occupied and then Free China. He flew from Chungking to India, then to Java for his next story, and stayed till the last minute, only to have his ship bombed as they were getting out of range. The most graphic part of the book deals with the sinking of the ship and the days spent on the lifeboat. Eventually they reached Sumatra, there to be interned by the Japanese for the duration. Wont be easy selling.

Publisher: Scribner