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THE GREEK DILEMMA by William H. McNeill


War and Aftermath

by William H. McNeill

Pub Date: May 28th, 1947
ISBN: 1175954853
Publisher: Lippincott

Current interest in and concern with Greece and our commitments there will make this book of immediate interest to many who have not previously provided a market. Stationed in Greece for more than 18 months as a military attache (1944-46) the author made it his business to inform himself through study and first hand investigation of the perplexing situation he found there. This book shares those findings with a similarly perplexed public. He has succeeded in keeping an objective viewpoint, while not hesitating to recognize the compensating circumstances and contributing causes which have led to a virtual elimination of any middle ground, with which we should like to deal, and the pressure factors which have resulted in extremes of right and left psychology and performance, with which- in almost equal measure- we are basically out of sympathy. The historical steps which led to the development of these forces of conflict, to the inevitability of civil war, are recounted in concise terms, shorn, perhaps, of the drama and color and anecdotal quality which would make this more vivid reading, but with an authoritative sense of sound reporting that gives the background the reader needs today. A useful book, quick highspotting of modern history in the making, brief pen portraits of the leaders.