THE PLEASURE BOND: A New Look at Sexuality and Commitment by William H. & Virginia E. Johnson Masters

THE PLEASURE BOND: A New Look at Sexuality and Commitment

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No ""new look"" really -- just a general discussion of maintenance, you might say, with the assistance of Robert J. Levin, Redbook magazine and the participants in some symposiums over which Johnson and Masters presided in their usual humorless and benevolent tutelary capacity. You will learn that sex is not something you do to or for but with someone else; that communication is both emotional and physical; that ""working"" at it doesn't ""work"" and -- in a word -- that it's all a matter of mutuality. There are chapters on the newer phases of cohabition since their seminal work -- Women's Lib and swinging and touching and pretending. In between the points raised by the eager or not so eager young couples, the authors provide general counseling on sex at an all too familiar level: she ""that's inspiring""; he ""It surely is a lovely thing to have."" They take no moral positions since sex is after all ""a pleasure bond"" and the data is notable by its absence (as it was earlier, for all the hoopla). Still one cannot altogether disregard the commercial attraction of those magic monikers even if they now seem to belong to almost another era.

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1974
Publisher: Little, Brown