TAKE CHARGE: A Personal Guide to Behavior Modification by William H. & William Sleator Redd

TAKE CHARGE: A Personal Guide to Behavior Modification

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A concise introduction to behavior modification techniques that describes the more successful experiments and mentions the most frequently criticized issues. Although this is not the ""revolutionary new perspective on human behavior"" it claims, it has the double advantage of familiarity with the literature and a fluent colloquial style. Situational control and systematic desensitization are recognized practices used effectively for specific problems--obesity, smoking, phobias--and along with assertiveness training they are presented in simple terms reinforced by concrete examples. Modification techniques for neurotic and psychotic patients have been more controversial, and although the authors indicate those that worked, they ignore those that failed and tend to discount the complexity of human behavior in general. They acknowledge some of the more serious abuses--among prison populations especially--and concede that while the methods are value-free, human practitioners are not. A stimulus for beginners.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Random House