THE MONEY MEN by William Haggard


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Another urbane mystery thriller in the likable Sir Charles Russell series. Here he's approached by bis old flame Molly, now Dame Molly, who needs help getting money out of an Italian bank. Sir C. seeks help from old Dutch merchant banker Van Loon--which causes trouble because the Van Loons are into shady money-laundering, and the Prime Minister himself is a secret Van Loon client. So Six C. is being tailed . . . while young Karel Van Loon starts getting kidnap threats. And eventually Sir C. Will be saved from a PM-inspired murder plot, and the old Van Loon Nazi connections will be bared (the kidnappers are good guys, you see). Bright talk and well-mannered characters: a competent adventure in the old English style.

Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 1981
Publisher: Walker