THE MARTELLO TOWER by William Haggard


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A couple of clever and likable police types take the law into their own very capable hands as they seek to thwart a terrorist plot to land nasty weapons in a tired old smuggling port. Willy Smith and Mark Hassall, the two smart chaps who keep this thriller whipping along, would have made terrific Elizabethan sea dogs, but now it's a different Elizabethan era, and they've both gone into law enforcement. Willy Smith works for a shadowy and unofficial agency with a license to handle those tricky cases that Mark Hassall's official agency, for fussy legal and political reasons, must not touch. The two men are brought together by an incident that suggests the possibility of a revival of smuggling in genteel, rotting East Anglia. Given the depravity of today's terrorists, Hassall and Smith agree that the smuggling will quite probably escalate from pennyante contraband to serious munitions, and they set out to put a stop to it. As well they might. For the smuggling has indeed quickly gotten out of the hands of the inept local operator and into the clutches of some very much more clever and ruthless criminals working for terrorists with designs on an upcoming Royal Wedding. Smith and his charming wife Amanda check into the dowdy resort near the smuggling port to investigate--and find they have five minutes to solve everything. From the author of the Sir Charles Russell mystery series (The Money Men; Visa to Limbo): a solid, tight-as-a-drum adventure.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1987
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton--dist. by David & Charles