HORACE GREELEY: Voice of the People by William Harlan Hale

HORACE GREELEY: Voice of the People

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An excellently written biography of the famous editor, the only man to make money on a liberal newspaper and coiner of that famous phrase, ""Go West, Young Man"", this book succeeds in bringing alive a man and his era, one of the most roaring and bustling in American history. Here are his ne'er-do-well, alcoholic parents; his unhappy marriage to a sickly wife; his friends and associates, Barmm, Margaret Fuller, Thurlow Weed, the elder Bennett who so thoroughly changed the course of American journalism, Clay, the Beecher family, and Lincoln. Each phase of Greeley's life, from printer's devil, young New York publisher, moralist, Whig and one of the founders of the Republican Party, supporter of Lincoln and the anti-slavery movement, presidential candidate running against Grant, and finally garrulous old ""Sage of Chappaqua"", is handled with a firm, sure touch. A worthy addition to any library.

Pub Date: Sept. 27th, 1950
Publisher: Harper