AMERICA: PARTNER IN WORLD RULE by William Henry Chamberlin


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Chamberlin's conclusions -- his blueprint for American foreign policy -- justify his title, but as one reads his challenging text, chapter by chapter, his subject seems rather the evil of unrestricted power as evidenced by Soviet Russia, and by Stalin who has won every throw of the dic. One may disagree with many of the conclusions Chamberlin reaches, one may feel that his processes of reasoning are not always sound, but one recognises his sincerity, his objectivity, his measured approach to the subject. Much of his material is rooted in concise historical survey; he analyses the myths and paradoxes that color our knowledge or lack of it; he the inevitable vacuum of Europe, with Soviet Russia on the east, Britain on the west; he weights the evidence of Stalin's aims, his procedure, his record in relation to the past and probable future, his position in Asia, and the possibility of our doing business with him. He sees too the Asian power vacuum, the challenge to the U.S. He warns that America must not guarantee spoils of unjust peace.

Pub Date: May 25th, 1945
Publisher: Vanguard