AMERICA'S SECOND CRUSADE by William Henry Chamberlin


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With what is assuredly a controversial approach, Chamberlin (author of numerous books on contemporary history- The the most recent) examines America's participation in World Wars I and II as ""crusades for righteousness"" that failed completely to attain their announced goals,- in one, Wilson's Fourteen Points, in the other the Atlantic Charter and the Four Freedoms. He believes we should have let Hitler and Stalin fight it out on the eastern front and seems to assume that a strong, unified Reich would have helped avert future war with Stalin, (a bit contradictory here). He thinks that unconditional surrender was a mistake that the ""appeasements"" of Stalin by Roosevelt and Hopkins and Churchill were unwarranted. He quotes those in high places but without always substantiating his quotations with names. He continually reveals a strange duality of thinking in his examination of Germany and its people, and arrives at conclusions that will arouse disagreement and discussion.

Publisher: Regnery