WONDER BOY by William Heuman


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Comradely devotion and courage in this story of a comeback by an old timer and the making of a young star, may bring mist to manly eyes. Frank Malloy, one-time Big League catcher who, after being sent down, takes on one night stands in semi-professional baseball to escape the tag of ""ball-shy"" from the pitchers who knew him, forgets his troubles when he undertakes to promote the career of seventeen-year-old Ad Preston, sensational pitcher. Thanks to Malloy, Ad shoots up to the top on a bonus, and Frank, in sacrificing his interests for Ad, conquers his ball-shyness and returns to the Big Leagues. Adequate baseball play-by-play, and an absorbing human interest sports story.

Pub Date: Aug. 29th, 1951
Publisher: Morrow