THE TRUMPET UNBLOWN by William Hoffman


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World War II as Tyres Jefferson Shelby, III, saw it from the medical corps adds up to a goddam sticking outfit, and an experience of equal status for him. Troubles in England -- with an out of control unit and inefficient officers -- iron out with action in the invasion but they recur when there is no relief; when the bodies, butchery, death, venality, treachery in the lower -- and upper -- ranks become overpowering; when investigation keeps them out of advance work; when a new officer ruins what little is left of the morale; when Shelby finds one reason after another is vanishing in his aim and duty to survive. There's a kraut whore, pilfered medical supplies, a stretch in a nut ward and V D -- and there's cowardice -- all to prove a degrading vise when he is returned to rehabilitation in Michigan... Destruction, from without and within, accompanies the dismissal of heroism and keeps this among the sad documentaries of darkness for the future. Strong stomachs needed.

Pub Date: Dec. 29th, 1955
Publisher: Doubleday