THE LAST HUSBAND And Other Stories by William Humphrey

THE LAST HUSBAND And Other Stories

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A well written group of stories centered on personal lives, on people in relation to their families. The title story tells of a man who so believed in marriage that he had to carry on affairs to evince this faith in face of his own meaningless one. Then there are the stories of the son who felt compelled to fill his father's shoes, to be his father; of Sister, whose mother tolerantly let her keep the cats Sister needed to make up for her mother's indifference; of an artist whose friends and wife have succeeded and who discovers he is no longer a young man on the upgrade; of a man whose family had no use for him when he had a farming accident and of coincident despair and death. No special punch,- one observes more than one experiences- but nicely, quietly done.

Pub Date: April 8th, 1953
Publisher: Morrow