THE COFFEE COOKBOOK by William I. Kaufman


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For the devotee (or the cook with left-over coffee on hand), here is a recipe book of the beverage and its application in other drinks and dishes. After a brief look at coffee's romantic past, the author turns to the present, with hints from the Coffee Brewing Institute and instructions for a good cup'a. There are recipes for coffee around the world; U.S. favorite drinks with coffee; main dishes from barbecued spare ribs to coffee glazed ham loaf; cakes, pies and breads; pastries, cookies and confections; sauces and frostings; puddings, parfaits and desserts. At times the coffee is a basic part of the recipe; at times it is a soupcon. The favorite accompaniments to ""coffee and"" from apple pie to Lebkuchen to croissants are also included. The recipes are direct and uncomplicated, for the average cook.

Publisher: Doubleday