THINGS INVISIBLE by William J. Reynolds


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The fourth outing for Omaha-based private-eye Nebraska (last seen in Money Trouble, 1988) dishes up the same ingredients as usual, but in an especially tasty broth. The plot is a smorgasbord of leftovers. Nebraska, hired by Donna Berens to find her missing daughter Meredith, keeps uncovering secrets about Meredith: a fiancÇ (or is he?) named Thomas Wayne she never mentioned to mom; a part-time job as a hooker she never mentioned to her public-relations boss Dianna Castelli; an estranged father high up in the Chicago mob. So it's no surprise when Meredith turns up dead--or when everyone from the police to Wayne's wealthy father wants Nebraska off the case. Even when he's getting beaten up, Nebraska is always wising off, and his repartee--particularly when it's not addressed to anybody but himself--is the best thing here, as Nebraska keeps putting down every suspect and every fictional detective from Holmes to Spenser. In fact, Nebraska is so engaging and persuasive that he almost has you believing that the focus of this investigation is the dead woman, even though you know it's really the death of another of Thomas Wayne's girlfriends 20 years before. A fine detective-storyteller with nothing new to do, but Nebraska is nearly as amusing as he thinks he is.

Pub Date: May 25th, 1989
ISBN: 399-13448-4
Publisher: Putnam
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