PATH TO ENCHANTMENT by William J. Schaldach


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The Southwest has sometimes inspired the Grand Response such as the philosophical preoccupations of Joseph Wood Krutch or Lawrence; generally, however, it elicits what we find here: artist William Schaldach's almanac of the Sonoran Desert, a homey, happy look at what the Mexicans call La Tierra Encantada or The Enchanted Land, stretching through much of Sonora Mexico and parts of Arizona and California ""It must be seen to be believed"" is the general tenor of the book, and off goes author Schaldach extolling Sonoran's wonders via print and paint (the pages are decorated with over a 100 drawings), from the technicolored flora and fauna to the sundrenched but dry-as-sand climate, the amazing ethnological groups, past and present, including the Hohokam Seri and Yaquis Indians, the missions of Padre Kino and the fabulous Mar de Cortes, once made famous by Steinbeck, plus gritty believe-it-or-not glimmerings: tarantulas are harmless, the sahuaro cactus nests crows, hawks and vultures, etc. etc. In a phrase, for nature lovers a natural.

Publisher: Macmillan