POEMS FROM FRANCE by William Jay-Ed. Smith


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Poems ranging from the classical forms of Du Belloy to the existential nightmare of Prevert's ""Homecoming"" form this bi-lingual survey of French poetry. Although the selections are certainly suitable and representative for the new reader of French verse, the esoteric introduction-which presents insights into the development of French poetry in scholarly jargon--will be baffling. The translators include such literati as Spenser, Swinburne, Pound and Lowell. Their names, as well as those of the poets, first lines, and titles are thoroughly indexed. Also included are concise ""Biographies of the Poets."" The format, however, suffers greatly because of the illustrations which are childish and often ill-suited to the accompanying poems. With a college level introduction, a high school level selection of poems and kindergarten level illustrations this book will please no one entirely.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1967
Publisher: Crowell