THE FIFTH MIRACLE by William Joyce Cowen


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A gentle story which is set in post-war France where Paulette, a little refugee girl, is bewildered to find herself in Paris, instead of on the farm they had been forced to flee. A Protestant, Paulette finds life in a convent school strange and difficult- and at home it is meagre- her stepmother, while pregnant, works in a factory. The baby is born prematurely, and it is a boy- but so small and frail that Paulette cannot keep her promise- to bring the baby to the infant Jesus in the creche. And so, she steals the figure of the Holy Child and brings it home, in the hope that the sacred figure will restore the baby to health, hasten the recovery of her stepmother, and return her father from the war- all of which comes to happen. And the theft, while it causes great consternation in the convent, is forgiven... Handled with skill as well as sentiment, this is a winning, warming story of faith- and faith rewarded- which will transcend denominational lines towards a general market.

Publisher: Longmans, Green