Old Place With You by William K. Zinsser

Old Place With You

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The travelogue of a young couple, from their honeymoon on, gives the downbeat on remoter spots across the world in glib and entertained fashion. With Africa as their goal, it was a gamble whether their ""dream"" ship would ever get them to Lisbon in time to make their plane, for the Italian liner was somewhat less than perfect, but they did connect to tour Ruanda Urundi, the Watsui, Kenya, Mombasa, and had enough of Mau Mau, wild animals and hair-raising transportation. The next stage was a trip down the Nile from Khartoum to Luxor where De Mille and the shooting of The Ten Commandments added an unexpected touch. There's an interpolation of an earlier encounter with Sister Ham when the author became responsible for that missionary's passage from Ternate, across the Malay archipelago to the plane at Jakarta. The last schedule called for Angkor Wat, Rangoon, Bangkok, an escape to rural Siam, and to Hong Kong where tailors performed miracles of suit and dressmaking. A willingness and a receptivity are their passports, and discomforts, delays and the unexpected do not mar their good nature, while the sightseeing and the daily incidents take on a liveliness not found in guidebooks. An insistence on a Perelman touch is not always successful.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster