THE CITY DWELLERS by William K. Zinsser


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This bright young man worked for the New York Herald-Tribune for thirteen years and wrote Any Old Place With you (1957) and Seen Any Good Movies Lately? (1958). His stuff will amuse young New Yorkers who haven't heard enough about themselves yet, and others will enjoy Zinsser's easy familiarity with the mid-town world. The preoccupations of city dwellers are handled with brisk freshness, from the business lunch to the room-mate problem when dating (""...society has evolved few surer defenders of feminine virtue""). New York, that ""self-devouring animal"", offers cultural and mental stimulation to balance loneliness of spirit, payola, the warmth of great emergencies (such as bizzards and power-failures), ""the tricky task of juggling gaiety and despair"". Here it is for those who agree that ""the country is a nice place to live if you're a cow"". 12 pages of illustrations. In the Perelman tradition- a good try.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1962
Publisher: Harper