DOUBLE WEDDING by William Katz


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A ruthless bureaucrat applies his outstanding job skills to the dissolution of an obsolete marriage, causing body parts to fly all over Washington, D.C.--in the latest lurid, suspense-among-the-professional, class thriller from the author of Facemaker and Surprise Party. Concerned lest his career should stall for the lack of a suitably glamorous and noteworthy wife, Assistant Secretary of the Navy Bret Lewis puts his formidable planning talents to use in the orderly disposal of present spouse Sarah. Sarah, a former astronaut, is just coasting in her Smithsonian job, thereby holding down Bret, who needs a high-profile, hard-charging helpmate if he's ever going to break through to Cabinet level. Once Sarah's filed away forever, Bret will apparently have to face another career choice--which of his two mistresses to take as the next Mrs. Lewis. He's got a very promising congresswoman on hold, but he's also formed a select committee with beautiful Rainy Jordan to dispose of both their spouses--thanks to a tragic bombing ""accident"" on the very day that Sarah and Bret and Ramy and her husband Shel celebrate their joint 20th wedding anniversary. But there are no secrets in Washington. Sarah has hired a detective to find out what's been keeping Bret so busy, and Shel has taped an incriminating phone call. The explosion takes place as planned, but victim and the accused are both a bit of a surprise. Bret's plans turn out to have been unusually complex. Fast and slick, but there's no one to love.

Pub Date: April 30th, 1990
Publisher: McGraw-Hill