DARK IS THE MIRROR by William Kinsey


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In the inconclusive school, this novel of a chemist's sojourn in Stockholm- during which he is first determined to return home to America immediately, then- because of his interest in a brilliant young architect, to stay on for the length of his leave. Poorjohn who has always rebelled against his choice of profession, rebels still further against the clash of his national, natural, emotional and psychological background when it is juxtaposed to that of the Swedish. Fighting his way through impor and self-imposed restrictions, Poorjohn learns that his variance from the basi that will work itself out, only brings cataclyic changes to those he comes to know during his stay. Finally, Poorjohn is forced to admit that even his placid Americanism is out of joint, forced to evacuate his small purchase on a society he finds unstable in its belief in the old system.... Arebel in his own, as well as other worlds, this personifies, not too popularly, the concept of a questioning, non-conforming mind and makes clear, if only mentally, the equivocal place of one who will not when-in-Rome. To be read for implications.

Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin