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...is essentially a resource book on home-care for arthritis. It presupposes four things: that the patient has intelligence, someone to help him at home, a doctor who prescribes and advocates this plan, and the will and perseverance to help himself. This is a big order for any human being. The introduction describes Overcome Arthritis as a ""5 point program for home care"". Organization of the material is lucid and logical,- chapters on self-help devices, exercise, rest, massage, etc. are followed by a succinct summary. For reference there is a listing of arthritis clinics by state and city for the patient who cannot afford full fees of private care. Two weaknesses stand out, however. First, the Introduction reads like a high-pressure TV ad; its tone is not consistent with the rational detail that follows. Second, Mr. Kitay describes himself as Science Editor for the Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation (a bona fide organization founded in 1948 by medical and lay people). But what is ""Science Editor""? What qualifications by education and experience does he have to write a handbook for arthritics? The introduction might better be written by one of the Foundation's physicians who introduces not only the book but outlines why Mr. Kitay was chosen to write it.

Publisher: Prentice-Hall