THE GAMBLER by William Krasner


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Repeating the effectiveness of his first- To Walk The Dark Streets, this is a sombre study in crime, bitter and again compassionate. This is the story of Ben Wulfson, a cheat and a gambler, used to a lonely life of hotel rooms and call houses, as he finds his luck is running thin and as, out of pity, he picks up a girl in a park- Alice. Wanted by the police when a man he fights in a dice game later dies, losing his stake when his partner makes off with it, Ben is left with Alice only, alternates between his dependence on her and his distrust of her, cannot shake off the obsession for the fast buck which drives him closer and closer to apprehension by the police... An absorbing story which offsets the sordid with some softer touches.

Pub Date: Sept. 27th, 1950
Publisher: Harper