NORTH OF WELFARE by William Krasner


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A prowl through Spanish Harlem has less of the criminal excitement of The Gambler and Walk the Dark Streets but provides a documentary of derelict lives in a district where qualor and poverty offers nothing- except the occasional release of violence. The barrio is a tenement, and the pick-up there of Rocky, by the police, for a stick-up and a and run killing, puts the searchlight of suspicion on others; on Del, who is on relief, and sitting out the last days of his girl, Marion, who is dying of cancer; on Marie, Rocky's girl, attractive and available; on Mike Volkis, another roomer, to whom Marie appeals for and who tries to brush her aside when Celia Collins offers a more serious incentive. or Celia, Mike joins the mission where she works- as a volunteer- and through her finds the possibility of a life which will not escape but will overcome the almost hopeless facts of existence here..... A dossier, which is a direct transcription and an indirect indictment, undemonstrative but by no means ineffective.

Pub Date: Sept. 22nd, 1954
Publisher: Harper