A MAN AGAINST TIME by William llery Leonard


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Despite the disclaimer of the sub-title- An Heroic Dream- this sonnet-sequence by a wellknown poet and scholar is virtually autobiographical. It tells the story of the passionate but reverential and sometimes rusful love of an older man, 57 to be exact, for a young girl of 24. The pot hails the happiness of his great love, deplores his inability to share his whole life with the young being who has come to partake of his wisdom and solitude and he bqueaths to her ""that strength when I am dead, to live, as I still lived when one I loved had died."" Without reaching the pitch of greatness of some of the best sonnet sequences, such as tti's House of Life, these poems have a simple, sincere, romantic dignity. One glimpses an American type, rare indeed, compounded of rson, Whitman, with a touch of lbert Hubbard -- the giants and their simplicity. Thus dated, it is difficult to predict a wide audience, but the book, though very personal, avoids the mwkish and is worth attention.

Pub Date: Nov. 2nd, 1945
Publisher: Appleton-Century