THE CHILDREN'S ANTHOLOGY by William Lyon -- Compiled by Phelps


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Companion volume to The Mothers' Anthology, and like that a collection of miscellaneous bits of prose and verse, short extracts from novels, biographies, essays, newspaper and magazine pieces. One is impressed with the preponderance of material lesting with birth and death. Is this necessary? There is an insufficient amount of humor and too much of a somewhat sentimental tinge. For the most part, the material is drawn from the classics, or from rather esoteric sources, though there are passages taken from such moderns as Elluned Lewis (Dew on the Grass), William Maxwell (They Came Like Swallows) and Marjorie Rawling (The Yearling). The obvious things are included, one can never see a collection of this sort without wishing that this or that personal favorite could have been included. ""Billy Phelps"" has a loyal following.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran